An Open Letter To A Future Lover

Dear Lover,

I am in love with the way you look at me,

the way your eyes radiate,

the warmth that excretes from your corneas and pupils,

the way a simple glance can make me feel faint.

I am in love with the way you hold my hand and stroke my thumb,

the odd fact I’m not worn or tired from our intertwined fingers,

how the sweat between our palms never does bother me.

I am in love with the way you grasp the side of my face when you kiss me,

I could kiss you for an eternity and never find it a bore,

for it is our kisses that make me realize you are the only one for me.

I am in love with the way you truly understand me,

how you never second-guess my intentions,

nor find anything I say petty or insignificant,

and the reason for this is because you’ve seen me at my weakest, and loved me nonetheless.

I am in love with the way you wipe my tears while I’m going through something that may or may not be,


how our arguments strengthen our bond, rather than demolish it

and how you allow me to run, to push you far, far away

to curse your name,

and swear you’ll sear my soul into quarters because I am convinced it was already torn into two,

but you just stand there, in a black coat

and you’re drenched in the rain

but you wait

and you wait, for the storm to pass

and that is why I love you

because you are the light in this never-ending tunnel of cynicism and darkness

we all have baggage, mine a little heavier than some

but you have helped me unload most of it, and dispose of it by the shore

and for that, I am grateful..

Thank you, Lover.


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